Grand Rummy Powerplay

Grand Rummy Powerplay – ₹20 Lakh Prizepool – Massive winning opportunities

Just about when the Grand Indian T20 Cricket season is about to begin and stakes are higher than ever, your favourite rummy site is back with yet another stunner standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the exciting cricket action.

After launching super-value contests with huge prize pools in recent times, Deccan Rummy is now taking several notches above with the Grand Rummy Powerplay contest during this cricket season. Grand Rummy Powerplay is a combination of two high-octane contests – Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and Rummy Fantasy League 2021. With a whopping prizepool of Rs. 20 Lakhs, we are here to double the fun during this cricket season offering players a chance to win glorious prizes. 

Running from Apr 9 to May 30, the Grand Rummy Powerplay promises an unparalleled playing experience with trailblazing challenges and exciting rewards. 

Journey through the Grand Rummy Powerplay season like a true champion and earn a great opportunity to be a part of something truly spectacular in the Indian rummy community!

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