100% GST Cashback

100% GST Cashback - Get what you exactly deposit

The Finance Ministry in India has announced new regulations for online gaming platforms charging 28% GST for every deposit made. The regulations are effectively from Oct 1, 2023

What does that mean as a player at Deccan Rummy? No reasons to fear! We are here to make your rummy experience as joyful as ever with our 100% GST Cashback policy

Get 100% of what you deposit into your account and enjoy playing rummy to your heart's content

As per the govt rule, a 28% GST will be deducted at the time of adding cash to your account, and not on the entry fee of every single game you play

Let's explain with an example:
  • You Deposit an amount of Rs. 100
  • As per rules, a 28% GST amount of Rs. 21.88 would be deducted and the amount credited to your main balance would be Rs. 78.12
  • However, we will give a 100% Cashback of the GST Deduction of Rs. 21.88 back to your account as cash bonus. In that way, you will receive the full amount of what you’ve deposited (Rs. 78.12 main balance + Rs. 21.88 Cash Bonus)
100% GST Cashback
  • Why is GST deduction being made?
    According to the recommendations of GST Council and subsequent government amendments to amendments to the Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017, and the Central Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017, a 28% GST will be applicable on all the deposits made in any online gaming platforms with effect from Oct 1, 2023.
  • Is 28% GST rule applicable on every game we play at Deccan Rummy?
    28% GST Rule is not applicable for every game you play, it is applicable only on the deposits that you make
  • Where can I access the GST Invoice?
    A User can access the GST Invoice in the transaction summary section. It takes one day approximately for GST invoice generation. You can download once it is available
  • Is 28% GST applicable on the bonus credits associated with deposits?
    No, GST is not applicable on the bonus. You will receive the full bonus credits
  • How would the GST Cashback be credited?
    The 28% GST cashback will be credited as cash bonus. You can check the cash bonus tab under your account. You can redeem it as per the cash bonus redemption policy

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Great News! We have 100% cashback for the GST paid by you

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