Mayday Moneymaker

Mayday Moneymaker Tournament – Win from 1 Lakh

Mayday also called International Worker’s Day is a day celebrated to commemorate the historic struggles and gains of the working class worldwide. On this special day, Deccan Rummy salutes the players who have displayed tremendous passion and love for the game and wishes to honor them with a special rummy tournament.

Here's a great opportunity to turn this worker's day into a day of winnings with our I lakh GTD May Day Moneymaker tournament (MDM).

Running from Apr 29 to May 1, events are split into three levels ranging from Satellites and Qualifiers to finals each day. Players have an option to play satellites/qualifiers and win free tickets or play finale directly with a buy-in. May Day Moneymaker is open to everybody, so opt-in and go for big wins!

MDM Satellite Apr 29 @ 9 PM 3:00 PM ₹ 50 402 ₹ 20000 + (46 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MDM Qualifier Apr 30 @ 9 PM 3:00 PM ₹ 100 299 ₹30000 + (100 Free Tickets to Finale)
MDM Finale May 1 @ 9 PM 3:00 PM ₹ 200 250 ₹50000

May Day is going to be a big day for somebody. That somebody could be well you!

Terms and Conditions
  • Prize Pool 1 Lakh is the combined prizepool of the all the three levels
  • If players do not register with the free ticket earned from Qualifiers and Satellites, they become void.
  • Free Tickets are non-transferrable and does not carry special benefits. Issuance of free tickets does not guarantee any prizes
  • Players will receive the prizemoney as cash bonus
  • Only when 50% seats are filled, the tournament shall begin
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to cancel/modify/alter this Mayday Moneymaker rummy tournament at our convenience.
  • Players involving in any malpractice shall be banned and they will not be allowed to withdraw their winnings from their accounts.
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.

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