Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021 – ₹15 Lakhs Giveaway

NOTE: The Leaderboard Bonanza is back! Players can resume their hunt to win glorious prizes.

The Grandest T20 cricket action is back after a break. Billions of fans are stoked for the upcoming cricket carnival. For Rummy Players at Deccan Rummy, the Indian T20 cricket season has always been a special one.

Stay excited as our Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021 is here to add excitement along with the cricket season.

The action is back! Resuming from where it was left, the contest now runs from Sept 19 - Oct 15 with the points in the leaderboard generated by the users from Apr 9 - May 2 being carry forwarded. With a prizepool of 15 lakhs, the Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza will see players battling out for stunners like BMW G 310 GS, RE Himalayan, and lots of other latest gadgets.

Journey through the Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza like a true pro and push to your limits as you ascend to the top of the leaderboard. Your life-changing moment starts right here, right now! Get into Action now!

How the contest works?
  • The contest runs on all days where Indian T20 series matches are scheduled. During double-headers, Deccan rummy reserves the right to select the match for which the contest would be applicable.
  • The points generated by the users in the first leg of the tournament from Apr 15 - May 2 till it was suspended will be carry forwarded now. So, those who were leading in the contest already can add their points further to maintain the lead.
  • Players willing to take part in the contest have to deposit ₹500 on days where matches are scheduled. The deposit code will be updated daily by midnight (Min deposit ₹500). The code will be valid till the start of the match. For example, if a match begins at 7:30 PM, the code will be valid from 00:00 AM to 7:29 PM on that particular day.
  • After the successful completion of the deposit, you should predict the winner of the match scheduled that day, which will be autosaved.
  • After prediction, play cash rummy games till the conclusion of the game updated in the code. If your prediction turns true, you will receive Deccan T20 points and a cash bonus. Deccan T20 points are calculated based on the ratio of 1:10 with the number of loyalty points you've earned till the conclusion of the actual cricket game. Also, a cash bonus equivalent to 10% of the loyalty points you've earned in this timeframe will be added to your account. Please note that points generated only till the conclusion of the game updated will be taken into account for the conversion.
  • For example – If a player has generated 1000 loyalty points after making a deposit and playing cash games till the conclusion of the match, then he/she would receive 100 Deccan T20 points and ₹100 cash bonus for that day. On the other hand, if your prediction turns false, you will not receive the Deccan T20 points or a cash bonus.
  • Players are ranked based on the number of Deccan T20 points generated every day. If a player does not deposit on any day during this promotion, then he/she will not earn any benefits for that particular day. Players have to deposit and play on our cash tables on all match days to stay in contention.
  • If the player closes the prediction pop up without choosing his team, he/she will not receive any T20 points or a cash bonus.
  • For matches that are cancelled or abandoned midway, no points or cash bonus shall be awarded.
  • Players will receive the prizes based on their rank in the leaderboard.
  • The Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza table shall be updated every day before 10 AM.
Terms & Conditions 
  • The offer is active only on days where actual matches in the Indian T20 series are held. It is not active on non-match days. 
  • For matches that are abandoned or produce no result, no points or bonus shall be awarded.
  • All prizes are given as gifts and will be liable to taxes and duties that must be borne by players. No cash equivalent of the prizes will be given under any circumstances. Also, the prizes given are non-transferrable. 
  • Prizes of the bikes offered are ex-showroom prizes not on-road prizes. Winners will have to pay the excess charges (Tax, duties) to get them.
  • People aged 18 years and above can only take part in this promotion from areas where it is legally permitted.
  • The winners of the contest will be contacted after the tournament and the prizes shall be awarded to them. 
  • The Company reserves the right to cancel, modify, alter this promotion at its sole discretion at any time during its validity. The company has the right to cancel the promotion anytime without giving prior notice.
  • Participation in this Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021 promotion shall be treated as unconditional acceptance by the player to all terms and conditions mentioned here as well as the general Deccan Rummy terms and conditions.
  • Players involving in any kind of malpractice will have their accounts terminated. The funds in their account will also be locked.
  • In case of any dispute, Deccan Rummy will have the final, binding decision. No further correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. 

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