Rummy Sharks

Beat the best and prove that you are a rummy shark

Ever since the social media came into our life, it has filled our lives like an ocean and we swim like the sharks in it – sharing, sparing, venting and displaying a multitude of emotions. The impact of social media in our lives is so much that it’s now impossible to imagine a life without it.

Players can get free tickets to this awesome tourney by participating in an exciting Facebook contest which the players can check below.

Tournament Date Tourney Time Registration Time Entry Prizepool
Social Sharks August 28 3:30 PM 2:30 PM Free Ticket by participating in our Social Media Contest or Rs. 150 Buy-in Rs. 50,000

Are you a rummy enthusiast who likes to swim with the sharks? Sharks by no means are easy pushovers. Just like how the real sharks are the apex predators, rummy sharks are always a force to reckon anyday, anytime. Deccan Rummy has a more reliable path through which you can traverse to meet your fellow rummy sharks and rub shoulders. Sounds very exciting, right?

Be a part of Social Sharks tournament every month and get to win big from the mammoth prizepool of Rs. 50000 cash bonus. Since most of us are heavy social media users, we would like to give everyone of you a chance to take a shot at the tournament for free.

Buy in directly or qualify via earning a free ticket throughout the week to make a name for you and claim a big fortune!

FB contest
  1. This week we are hosting Match it and win it contest. Take a screenshot of the juggling cards in their proper places mentioned below and post it under the comments sections along with your username to win a free ticket to the tourney. Free tickets will be issued only to players who have made atleast one deposit or he/she should have had his KYC verified. Visit our FB page to know about the contest.
  2. Visit our FB page to know about the contest active for that week. We will pin the post active for that week in our timeline.
  3. Once we validate your answer, we will credit the tickets manually which the players can check in “View Tickets” option under Deccan Rewards, after they login
  4. The FB contests will run on random dates of August. The questions posted can be answered the whole week till another question is updated. Answers given after a week since the question is posted cannot be taken into consideration. Every week 250 tickets will be issued.
  5. Free tickets can be availed till 2:00 PM on August 28. We cannot credit free tickets to players who send the screenshots after that.
  6. Just getting the free tickets does not guarantee participation in the tournament. Players need to register using the free ticket for the tourney on August 28 at 2:30 PM.
Terms & Conditions
  • Players must register with the tickets they receive else the ticket will remain invalid
  • The answers for each week’s question should be posted before we post the subsequent week’s question. We will not be able to credit tickets to the players who are posting the answers beyond the timeframe given for each quiz.
  • Comments entered without username will not be eligible for tickets.
  • If the player hasn’t met the desired criteria of either making a deposit or KYC, he/she will not get the tickets.
  • Standard DeccanRummy Terms & Conditions apply

Rummy cards

Beat the big fishes and stand out as a rummy shark

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