Loyalty cash Bonanza

Convert your loyalty points & win upto 50% bonus with our Loyalty Cash Bonanza

February is the month of love and Deccan Rummy has planned to celebrate the month of love in a grand manner. There are a slew of offers and promotions available at DeccanRummy.com.

Redeem your Loyalty Points for cash and get up to Rs. 50% bonus with our Loyalty Cash Bonanza. For example, if you redeem 1000 Points, you would be getting Rs. 100, in addition to Rs. 100, you can get upto 50% cash bonus. Assuming you get 30% bonus, a cash bonus of Rs. 30 (100*30/100) will be credited to your account. You know what’s great about the offer? The offer will be applicable for multiple loyalty redemptions that you make in your account. If you redeem 5000 Loyalty Points in your account 5 times with 1000 points at a time, the offer will be applied for 5 times.

Are you an online rummy player? How much loyalty points have you earned so far? Deccan Rummy rewards our loyal players with loyalty points aka Deccan Points. It’s a player reward program where every player playing rummy cash games are given some points as a perk.

These loyalty points will keep on accumulating in your account as you keep playing rummy cash games. You can convert the loyalty points to cash at the rate of 10:1 which means for every 1000 points you redeem, you get Rs. 100 in real cash. The minimum loyalty points required for redemption at a time is 1000 Points.

Do you know Loyalty point pays off in a grand way at DeccanRummy.com? Apart from the conversion, these loyalty points can also be used for playing loyalty tournaments and weekly leaderboard contests. So, register on DeccanRummy.com now and deposit Real money in your account to play cash games. A rummy player’s loyalty journey begins as soon as he hits the first cash table.

Offer details

Name: Loyalty Cash Bonanza

Offer: upto 50% bonus on Loyalty Redemption

Terms & Conditions
  • Bonus Upto 50% means not necessarily 50% every time. It can be any percentage from 1 to 50.
  • Any kind of bonus abuse will result in a ban and the funds in your account will be locked
  • The offer is valid till Feb 28 and it can be extended at the discretion of DeccanRummy management
  • Cash Bonus amount cannot be withdrawn directly. It can only be used as a buy-in to play cash rummy games
  • *Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & Conditions apply

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