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Indian Rummy Games

DeccanRummy provides flawless and exciting gaming experience for all Indian Rummy enthusiasts. is your definitive destination for playing simple and safe rummy games online. The amazing interface combined with the best security features guarantee an entertaining as well as a secure gaming experience.

Rummy Games hosted by Deccanrummy creates a good immersion into the game through the nice accelerated full-screen HTML5 graphics. Flash free rummy tables set us apart from our peers by a mile. The games hosted by DeccanRummy are so easy to play on your PC or Mobile browser. No download required!

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Games available @ DeccanRummy

Are you the one who loves to play rummy online? If yes, look no further than DeccanRummy. DeccanRummy has various types of games catered to our players' interests. Players have a wide option of choosing and playing the 13 card game of their liking. Some of the games available with us;

Classic Indian 13 card rummy

Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards and at least two decks and sometimes with jokers (also called as wild cards). A winning hand should have at least two sequences, one of which must be "pure", i.e., made without any jokers.

Cash Rummy games

Cash games are those rummy games which you can play after paying a certain amount of cash. Players have a wide range of options to choose while playing our cash games. Cash games are designed and developed to fulfill our player’s expectations. DeccanRummy charges nominal fees when compared to our peers. Check the cash games available with us by clicking our tournaments tab.

Practice games

DeccanRummy offers 10000 practice chips after your register with us. You can use those 10000 chips to play and get a good grasp of the game. Login to your account and click on practice tab and pick any variant of the rummy game, that you want to try for practice.

Rummy Variations

There are 3 exciting variants of Indian Rummy offered by DeccanRummy

  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the fastest form of Indian Rummy. The game lasts just for one deal and the objective is to make sets and sequences with the cards dealt to the players. Up to 6 players can play this game. Players play for a pre-decided monetary value that they assign to each point. The winner of the game takes all the money that his opponents lose. Players need to pay an entry fee to participate. DeccanRummy offers a wide range of Points rummy tables with low to high entry fee options. Players can pick any of these tables based on their choice.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is one of the most popular variants of rummy. Deals Rummy is played with a maximum of 6 players with one or more packs of 53 cards deck. The game commences after a pre-decided number of deals and a fixed number of chips are allocated to all the players participating in the game. The player who finishes the game first will receive the chips from other players who lose, according to their score. DeccanRummy currently offers 2 Player deal and 6 player Deal as two variants in Deals Rummy.

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is an exciting variation of 13 cards Indian rummy. Pool Rummy is played with 2 or 6 players. This format is also known as "Syndicate". The player has to pay a fixed entry fee to enter the pool table. The objective for a player in this format is to keep his score as low as possible for each deal. If the total score reaches or goes above 101/201, the player is eliminated and the last player remaining wins the game. DeccanRummy – The ultimate website for rummy, offers both 101 points Pool Rummy and 201 points pool rummy.

The exhilarating games in our website will keep you hooked and will leave you wanting for more. The fun and thrill of playing online rummy at DeccanRummy is unparallel.

Register with us to have an amazing gaming experience and compete with players from all across the country to win extraordinary prizes. The thrill and adventure involved in playing card games at Deccan Rummy is unparallel.

Check “How to play” section on DeccanRummy website to know more about those variants.

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