Rummy Rani Promotions

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Rummy Rani Promotions
namma ooru madras
Namma ooru madras

Hey rummy folks, Rummy Raani here. The coffee is super hot and is waiting to be relished by me - Sip-by-Sip. Picked up the clue? Have you guessed the place already? Kudos to all the rummy players out there, who picked up my little clue and found the city. Yes, it's time I reveal my destination - Dear Rummy folks, I'm here at CHENNAI, colloquially referred to as "Madras" and that's exactly the name of this promotion - "Namma Ooru Madras".

As promised, I have something special for you, just like what I had given to all the rummy players in and around Guntur during my #Going2Guntur promotion. Duration of this promotion would be from August 27 to September 1.

The wait is now over. It's time for some enthralling rummy action with an exclusive line of promotions for my dear Deccan players.


We know you guys are really curious to know what the promotions are, here they are

1. Count Coffee (27th Aug - 1st Sep)

Count coffee Count Coffee

What would a Chennaite die for? Ask him/her what they love the most, the first answer you would get is - "A refreshing homemade filter kaapi every morning". It is unmissable part of the daily routine of every Chennaite, to down XYZ number of cups of Filter Coffee/day. We are going to replicate that exact freshness here with a simple promotion. Mind you, the promotion may be too simple but the aroma & the taste that a filter coffee offers is simply mesmerizing and thatโ€™s how exciting this promotion is going to be.

Steps to Win a stunning Cash bonus of Rs.50

a. Count the number of coffee mugs that are given in the page "Play Rummy" (coffee mugs are inserted between the texts).

b. Click this button twitter share , remove XYZ and update the Coffee count & Click the tweet button.

c. Take a screenshot of your tweet & WhatsApp it to 8939033366

Players who successfully complete the above steps would win the Instant Cash bonus of Rs.50.

Earn this bonus online and play some exciting cash rummy game online.

2. Marina Matches (27th - 29th Aug)

Marina matches Marina Matches

Marina Match (Five Card sequence) has found a massive acceptance amongst our players and has been a huge success. Lot of players availed the offers and benefited richly from the offers. With the same interest and vigor, do participate in the For Central promotion where you have to build a monumental 4 card sequence of Number 4 card and win 10% extra cash bonus on your winnings.

3. Fo(u)r Central (30th Aug - 1st Sep)

for central For Central

Chennai Central station is a monumental landmark of Madras, which commonly is used to represent Chennai in every media publications and in movies. It connects the south to the other three corners of India. To mark this quadrilateral connection, win the game with a monumental 4 set of number 4 card and win huge bonus cash - 10% of Table winnings as cash bonus.

Offer valid until the promotion ends. Try, try and you'll win 10% plus everytime.

Free Fifty For Fifty Exclusive Offer

FREE 100 FOR 100 Promotion FREE 100 FOR 100 Promotion
  • Use Whatsapp.
  • Send your username along with the scanned copy of the address proof front and back.
  • Address proof includes Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving License & Passport.
  • Whatsapp it to 8939033366.
  • 50 TamilNadu players will get Rs.50 Cash bonus.
  • Note: 50/50 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Take advantages of these awesome rummy promotions so that you will get to know why Deccan Rummy remains as the ultimate rummy site to play card games online.

Celebrate the Gateway of South India

Chennai and its Uniqueness

Chennai, earlier called as Madras is one of the oldest city in the world. The Madras City Corporation is the second oldest city corporation formed after London city in the world. Chennai city is very special and unique in many ways. In a westernizing India, Chennai is very traditional and culturally very strong city. Contrary to the strong belief that Chennai is not friendly to outsiders, it allows even an outsider to become a celebrity, a business owner, a leader, CM etc. Of all the cities in India, Chennai leads in the number of voluntary organ donations due to increased public awareness.

Chennai and its Landmarks

  1. Marina Beach - This beach in Chennai provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The relaxed atmosphere that the beach offers will help you feel far removed from the outside tensions of the world. The limelight landmark one can find here in marina beach is the Light House. We have tried to infuse that relaxing ambience in our tables so that you can enjoy the game while enjoying a pleasant view.
  2. Central Railway Station โ€“ Chennai Central Railway Station is one of the key cultural symbols of Tamil Nadu, lying adjacent to the southern railway station. The building is 145 years old and was constructed in the year 1873 to decongest traffic. This terminal connects Chennai(south) to all parts of the country - Delhi(north), Mumbai(west), Kolkata(east) to mention a few. While you visit Chennai, watch out for this spectacular place.
  3. Other places where I would be heading to are - Rippon Building constructed in the year 1913, now acts as the office of Madras Corporation, St George Fort built in the year 1644, is where from which Tamil Nadu State Legislative assembly is operated; St. George Museum built in the year 1948 and currently being maintained by Archaeological Survey of India
  4. Shopping in Chennai is very special since there are choices of options for every class of people. South-Asiaโ€™s oldest mall Spencer Plaza is still active. From malls to street side vendors, the options are abundant for both varieties and budget.
  5. Along the East Coast Road, there are many scenic spots, beach resorts and historical places for a perfect getaway with family. Next time you visit Chennai, forget-not to taste mouthwatering dishes like Idli, Dosa, Vada, many varieties of Biryanis, FILTER KAAPI, etc.PS: Bye friends! Until I meet you the next time, enjoy all the promotions that I brought out this time and keep following me to know about my next destination.
Terms and Conditions
  • Booster Bonus offer under Namma Ooru Madras can be availed by every cash rummy game player here at Deccan Rummy
  • The offer is only valid between the dates mentioned
  • 50/50 promotion is open only for Tamil Nadu Players. Players from other locations can avail only the booster bonus offer with the promo code.
  • Players are requested to send a clear scanned copy of their address proofs.
  • Players creating multiple accounts to avail the offer shall be banned and also the funds in their account would be locked.
  • *Standard Deccan Rummy terms and conditions would be applied.

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