Refer and Earn

Refer And Earn

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Refer And Earn
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Do you miss playing rummy with your close circle of rummy friends in a cozy home setup? We understand your feeling that nothing can replace the pleasure of playing your favorite rummy game with your dear ones! Why miss it? Make your own little online rummy community by inviting your dear pals to play here at Deccanrummy and Win a Lifetime bonus. You heard it right! It's not once, not twice, not thrice... It's a Lifetime Offer! Read more to know fully about this unimaginable offer.

Online Rummy with Friends

True to the old adage "Sharing is Caring" what you need to do is to not restrict yourself marveling & earning at our awesome site but also allow your friend to do the same. Afterall you very well know that Playing rummy can turn all the more exciting and energizing when you have your friend to give you company. There was nothing like sharing the joy of playing rummy offline in your favorite location - your home. Why not follow the same custom in your favorite online platform that you are accustomed to?

Refer your Friend - Earn your Cash

Are you wondering about the benefits of doing so? Yes, there is a benefit, HUGE benefit for both of you! It's always the WIN-WIN situation. Both you and your friend can benefit as well. Both of them by a huge margin.

As a part of the Bring-A-Friend promotion, we are giving away lifetime bonus to players who bring their buddies to Deccan Rummy. Just invite your friends' online and assure them of the safety in playing cash games here at The reward you will be getting for this is 10% of friend's fees towards DeccanRummy as a bonus for life. There's no limit to the number of friends that you can refer.

You can go on & on & on! You can make an amount like 10k in no time with this promotion.

DeccanRummy - Player Friendly

Unlike other rummy sites, here is NO-EXPIRY-DATE for this offer - The cash you earn will stay in your account forever unless you decide to withdraw it. The only other thing matters than earning from DeccanRummy is how big you can make your online rummy community. With your friends joining you in your fun, the experience becomes all the more Sweet & Nostalgic, is it not?

  • If he/she enjoys Deccan Rummy and plays cash rummy for 10 months. You easily get 10% of their fee for 10 months.
  • If they like playing at Deccan Rummy so much that they continue playing for 10 years. Yes! You simply get 10% of their fee for 10 long years.
  • If they love Deccan Rummy and play it as a pass time for all their life. Congrats! You keep getting 10% of their fee FOREVER. 

Your Friends' Benefit - The friends you refer can also enjoy all the offers here at Deccan Rummy, right from the huge Rs.5000 Welcome bonus to various offers and promotions that we launch periodically.

How to Refer and Earn?

Without further ado, let's get down to business to see how referring a friend can help you,

Step 1: Login to Deccan Rummy & Click on Refer & Earn

Step 2: Navigate to Invite your friend -> 'Web Mail Share'. Add the email addresses of the friends and click on to send your unique referral link to your friends. You can import your contacts from Gmail.

Step 3: Navigate to Invite your friend -> 'Social Share'. Click on the social media icons at the bottom (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin) & login to share the unique referral link to all your social media friends.

Step 4: Inform your friends and ask them to register only using your unique referral link. This is the only way they can be linked to you.

Step 5: Once they register with that link, all they need to do is to play cash games at and your bonus will start to Grow.

Step 6: Clicking on 'Referral Details' will fetch you the details about the friends you have referred and the points that you have generated through them.

Step 7: Clicking on Referral Bonus will help you to see the number of points that you have generated in total and the number of points available for redeem. Referral points can be converted to cash at a ratio of 10:1 (1000 Referral points = Rs. 100)

Terms & Conditions

  1. You confirm that the friends you refer are known to you and not unknown contacts. Referrals obtained through spam shall not be taken into account for this promotion
  2. You shall not create multiple email addresses and send the invite to your friends for the sake of winning bonus as this will be considered as Bonus abuse.
  3. The offer can be applied valid only when your friend registers using the unique referral link that has been sent by you.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that DeccanRummy will use Third party websites to import your address book containing the email addresses of such friends and acquaintances whom you intend to send invitations.
  5. You must understand that Third party websites are governed by their own terms and conditions

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