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How to Play Points Rummy?

Want to play a fast paced Rummy Game Online? Try playing Points Rummy at Deccan Rummy. Learn how to play points rummy and win big real cash prizes.

What is Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is the fastest form of Indian Rummy and is also the most preferred variant among rummy enthusiasts because of its quick gameplay. It offers a good chance to win lots of money. Points rummy games are those rummy Games in which the monetary value associated with each point is preset at the beginning. The player who finishes first has their winning amount calculated as; (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point).

Points Rummy can be played with 2 to 6 players at Deccan Rummy. It is usually played with one or two packs of standard 52 deck card in addition to a printed joker. The variant is mostly preferred because of its quick gameplay. Unlike the other variants you do not have to go through multiple deals in order to win the game. Every game under points rummy has only a single deal. You can walk out of the game after its completion anytime. Players have to pay an entry fee to participate.

Points Rummy – The Objective

Points Rummy Rules are simple. Players need to make at least two sequences, one of which has to be a pure sequence and should arrange the remaining cards in sequences or set. Once the player completes the objective, he/she needs to discard one of the cards in the finish slot and declare the cards. If all the cards are grouped as mentioned above, he/she will win the game with zero points.

Points Rummy Rules
  • The game is played with a minimum of two decks. Each deck has 52 cards and a printed joker.
  • A toss decides the player that makes the first move. The player who has the highest face value card gets the first turn to play.
  • All players are dealt 13 cards randomly.
  • A random joker is drawn after the distribution of cards, which can be used in place of a missing card while making sets and/or sequences. If the random card turns to be the printed joker then ace card belonging to any suit can be used as joker
  • To indicate the start of the game, a card is drawn and kept in the open deck from which the first player can start with the game.

How to Play Points Rummy Game Online?

  • After logging in players can choose 13 Card Points Rummy section under the Cash Tab, where the ongoing games are displayed.
  • Players can join any game listed based on their choice of entry fee and point value which would be mentioned. Every table has a certain point value and an entry fee to participate.
  • The Player can join the game by clicking the “join” button and then should click “Join table” in the pop-up that appears. After that the players will be leaded to the table where he can chose his position by choosing “Sit Here”.
  • After the 13 cards are dealt, the player can sort his cards using the sort feature which we have implemented in our tables to sort the cards based on suits for his convenience
  • A player can pick a card from the open deck or the closed deck whenever his turn comes and he has to discard a card on the open deck also known as discard pile.
  • If the first open card happens to be the joker, the player who plays the first turn is allowed to use the card and make his move. During the subsequent turns if the opponent discards a joker card, then the player cannot pick that card.
  • Player has to make his move within the allocated time. If he fails to make his move, this will constitute as a missed move. After the player misses 3 consecutive moves, he/she will be dropped the game under middle drop rule and he will be out of the game with 40 Points. If the player is unsatisfied with his starting hands, then he/she can drop out of the game before making a move during his turn, then he will lose with 20 points in what is known as the first drop.
  • If all the cards from the closed deck are used, then the cards from the open deck are reshuffled and arranged as closed deck except a single card which will constitute as the first card of the open deck.
  • The game-play continues until one player completes the objective of melding 13 cards into proper sets or sequences. After the player completes the objective, he should place his final discard in the finish slots, group the cards and click on declare. On a successful declare, the player will win with 0 Points.

Points Rummy Winning Strategies

  • Aim to form pure sequences early on to avoid penalty points.
  • Pay attention to your opponents' discards to understand their hand composition.
  • Prioritize completing high-value sets to maximize your score.
  • Hold onto wildcard jokers to use them strategically in forming runs or sets.
  • Keep track of the cards that have been picked from the discard pile to avoid discarding a card that your opponent needs.
  • Calculate the probability of drawing specific cards and plan your moves accordingly.
  • How the Winning Amount is calculated?

    One winner wins the entire cash at the completion of every Points Rummy game. Winnings are calculated with this simple formula:

    Winning Amount = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee-value of the point) – DeccanRummy Fees

    Eg: If 6 players play 3 point rummy and 5 players lose with 50, 30, 20, 20, 10 points then the winner takes 3*(50+30+20+20+10)= Rs 390 minus our service fee.

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