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How to Play Pool Rummy?

Pool Rummy is a multi deal Indian Rummy game which can be played between 2-6 players. Learn how to play pool rummy games by reading this extensive material.

What is Pool Rummy?

Pool rummy is yet another exciting variant of online rummy. It is also known as the syndicate. Unlike Points Rummy and Deals Rummy, this rummy variant is exhaustive and takes considerable amount of time to complete. There are two variants of Pool Rummy – 101 Points Pool and 201 Points Pool. Players are eliminated once their accumulated scores reach the maximum points limit on the respective table – be it 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool. The player who manages to keep his points within the point limits (101 or 201 depending on the table he plays) wins the game. Upto 6 players can play pool rummy in our tables.

Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to participate in this game. Unlike deals rummy, where you get to play with a fixed number of deals, there are no limits when it comes to the number of deals. Two to six players can play pool rummy. Two or more deck of cards would be used.

Pool Rummy – The Objective

Players need to make at least two sequences, one of which has to be a pure sequence and arrange the remaining cards in sequences or set. The player who completes this objective must place his final card in the finish slot and declare.

Pool Rummy – The Rules
  • A minimum of two decks of cards is required in this game
  • A random toss decides which player makes the first move. Player who ends up with highest face card gets to start the game.
  • 13 cards are dealt to each player. After 13 cards are dealt amongst players, a card is opened and placed below the stock pile. This is considered a wild joker for that particular deal and all suits belonging to that card can be used as a wild joker. If the open joker is the printed joker, then all Ace cards are considered as wild cards.
  • A minimum of 2 players is required to start a game in pool rummy table

101 Points Pool Rummy -> The players who exceed the preset point limit 101 are eliminated from the 101 Pool table. Points get added up in the subsequent deals.

201 Points Pool Rummy - > The players who exceed the preset point limit 201 will be eliminated from the 201 Pool table. The points from one deal gets carry forward to the next deal.

How to Play Pool Rummy Game Online?

  • Login to Deccan Rummy
  • In the lobby, click on Cash->Pool, select the table which you want to play, click on Join and click on join table in the pop-up to confirm your participation. 101 points and 201 points are the two variants of pool rummy offered by Deccan Rummy.
  • Every table has an entry fee to join. Players are requested to check if they have sufficient cash balance in their account before joining the tables.
  • In the table, click on sit here option to sit in the table.
  • When it’s the players turn to play, the player may pick a card from either the open or closed deck.
  • After meeting the objective, the player must place his final discard to the finish slot and he wins the game with 0 Points. In order for a successful the player needs to show his/her hands and wait or others to declare. The points of the other players are carried forward to the next deal.
  • Player who manages to keep his points low less than 101/201 on the respective tables will win the game. In the six player pool table, the final two players receive the prize amount

Pool Rummy winning strategies

  • Aim to form pure sequences early on to avoid penalty points.
  • Pay attention to your opponents' discards to understand their hand composition.
  • Complete high-value sets to stop them being liable at the end.
  • Hold on to jokers and use them strategically in forming runs or sets.
  • Keep track of the cards that have been picked from the discard pile to avoid discarding a card that your opponent needs.
  • Stay alert and do a probability on your opponents’ melds.

How the winners are determined in Pool Rummy?

101 points pool Players will be eliminated once they reach or exceed the maximum limit defined i.e 101 Points in this case. So in such cases, Participant who has the lowest number of points when all of the participants touch 101 points would be the winner.

Eg: In a 101 pool rummy game, if a player loses with 75 points at the end of first round, his points get carried over to the next round. The player then starts Round 2 with 75 points in hand; if the same player loses again with 30 points, his score now becomes (75 + 30 = 105), which his greater than 101, so the player gets eliminated.

In a 201 pool rummy game, Players are eliminated when they reach or exceed the maximum limit defined (201 points this case).

Eg: If a player loses with 80, 80, 50 points respectively in successive deals then his resultant score would be 210 (80+80+50) which is greater than 201, so he will be eliminated.

How the Winning Amount is calculated in Pool Rummy?

The winning amount in Pool Rummy is calculated as follows:

Winning Amount = Total entry fee of all Players – Deccan Rummy fee

Eg: If 3 players participate with an entry fee of 250, Amount earned by winner = (750 – Our service charge)

In a six player pool table, the final two players receive the prize amount.

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