Rummy Variants

Rummy Variants- Types of Rummy games at Deccan Rummy

Indian Online Rummy has three types of variants namely

  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

All three variants do share the same objective but differ only in the format of Gaming.


The primary objective of a Rummy game is to meld cards in the form of at least 2 Sequences and sets. Out of the two sequences, one must be a primary sequence but the remaining can be in the form of impure sequence or sets according to the rummy hand.

Points Rummy:

The simplest form of Rummy- Points Rummy is also the most popular amongst the three on list. It is Indian Rummy's fastest format. The rules are so much simple and easy in this format. In a Points Rummy game, the monetary value for every point is chosen at the very beginning of the game. The winner of the game will get the winning amount- calculated by multiplying the total points lost by the opponent and the monetary value of 1 point.

Winning amount = Total points* monetary value of 1 point

Points Rummy

Deals Rummy:

Deal rummy is an exciting variant of 13-card Indian Rummy. Here the number of deals is decided during the start of the game. Every player will be given a particular number of chips equally. Either 2 or 6 players play the game in Deccan Rummy. At the end of every deal, the winner will get all the chips the losers have lost. The player owning the maximum number of chips after all the deals will be the winner.

Winning amount = Sum of points lost by all your opponents

Deals Rummy

Pool Rummy:

When comparing with the other two variants, Pool Rummy does take longer time to finish. There are two types of games in Pool Rummy- 101 and 201 points pool. In a pool Rummy, players will be eliminated once they cross their corresponding table limit (101 & 201); there isn't any fixed number of deals, the game continues until the last man stands.

101- Players start the game with 0 and when a player crosses the 101 points mark, the player gets eliminated.

202- Players start the game with 0 and when a player crosses the 201 points mark, the player gets eliminated.

Pool Rummy

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