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Rummy is one of those games which goes beyond providing entertainment. It's a game that is deeply associated with Indian culture for ages. Classic Rummy is available in different forms all over the world. Indian rummy, the version played in India, is popular all over the country. Despite the huge craze for cricket, there's been a faithful audience for rummy all along. Remember the good old days, where families enjoy the rummy game during major Indian festivals or any family get-togethers? Unforgettable days are they not?

Now, with the advent of Deccan Rummy, you get to relive that experience in the digital ecosystem. As people are following a hectic lifestyle, not many have time to meet up for a game of rummy as before. With this being the case, online rummy has come as a blessing in disguise. Deccan Rummy is out there to raise the gaming experience several notches than what you experienced before.

How Deccan Rummy elevated Rummy game to a classic status?

Deccan Rummy offers you the best online rummy gameplay experience with maximum variants of the game in a user-friendly platform. Our gaming platform will fulfill the expectation of gamers, no matter whether you are playing for fun or out there for a thrilling gaming experience.

With an intuitive gaming platform and rich graphics, playing in our site could leave you spellbound craving for more. We understand that not everyone can afford to visit casinos as they are beyond their budget, so we are out there to bring the casino experience to their living rooms.

The themes have been carefully selected to give you a casino-like vibe, and the rich colour palettes will be a visual treat. With the help of the latest technology, we have advanced state-of-the-art features incorporated in the platform, which will give an ultimate gaming experience. The personalized gaming experience that you have been longing for is now available even in your hand-held devices.

Deccan Rummy has brought together a platform from where you can compete with gamers spread across different parts of the country. Whether you are looking to add more fun to your festival or simply out there to beat your stress, we've got you covered with our extensive list of games and tournaments. Playing on Deccan Rummy mobile or website will be a great past time for you.

What are the classic rummy variants available at Deccan Rummy?

Deccan Rummy offers multiple variants of Indian Rummy games so that you do not get the feeling of monotonous gameplay. We have a diverse range of rummy games and tournaments to keep you occupied and entertained at the same time.

The rummy rules are common for all the variants though only the structure of the gameplay and winning point calculation differs. Here are the classic rummy game variants offered at Deccan Rummy.

Points Rummy

Points rummy is the fastest rummy variant where the game lasts for only one deal. 2-6 players can play the game. Monetary values are preset in the beginning. The player who completes the objective is declared as a winner, and their winning amount is calculated as follows (Winning amount = sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point).

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is an exciting rummy variant that is played for a stipulated number of deals. Deccan Rummy currently has 2-deal and 6-deal variants. Deals rummy is played with chips. Every player has to pay an entry fee to join the tables. An equal number of chips are given to every player. The player with the most number of chips at the end of the game wins the game.

Pool Rummy

This is an exhilarating rummy variant that is widely played by rummy veterans who want long action. Unlike the former two variants which have a cap on it in terms of the number of deals, this variant is vastly expansive. In this variant, the point limits (101/201) for the points are preset at the beginning. The sum of the fixed entry fee paid by the players forms the prize pool. The player who remains until the end without crossing the preset limit is the winner.

Try all these phenomenal rummy variants to have complete gaming experience. Choose the variant which suits you the most and excel in it.

Enjoy Classic gaming experience with Deccan Rummy Mobile

There are a bunch of mobile rummy apps and sites that allow you to test your luck and skill in real money games, but Deccan Rummy differs from other sites with our intuitive mobile app, which is but better in features compared to other apps. Enjoy classic rummy card game action on the move with the mobile rummy app. Our mobile rummy app offers all the same incredible features that you can find in our site – all optimized for perfect gameplay.

Deccan Rummy mobile is the defacto destination of casual and hardcore gamers in India for some time now. Never miss a rummy game again! With the Deccan Rummy mobile app download, you can take rummy along with you wherever you go. The online game which has been exhilarating you is now available on your mobile phones. The user-friendly mobile rummy app is ideally suited to all mobile phones and tablets; Android and iOS platforms.

Get improved graphics, enhanced gameplay along with exclusive promotions for mobile app users now. If you have been craving for a real casino like experience, then Deccan Rummy mobile should be your default destination.

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